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Settling the Age-Old Fry Debate

We’re at it again. Grubhub here, just stirring the pot by boldly stating one food is better than another. What are we throwin’ down about now, you ask? Oh, just this little-known, crispy, totally dippable guy called a FRY. Sure, we’ve touched on which sauce is better to dip your fries in… but not about which fry itself reigns supreme.

We done did it. We tapped our friend–the opinionated buddy–on Twitter to let everyone know that we think…

Let’s take a look at how this shook out, friends…

There were a lot of cool cats who had our back. Sweet potato fries FTW.

And maybe there were a few opponents to our little claim…

And then there was this one guy who even unfollowed–oh wait, JK, he came back. PHEW. We love you back.

OK, let’s forget about that bunny for a sec... all fries are worth eating. French, sweet potato, waffle–you name it. Go on, order your faves.