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Food Debate: What Sauce Do You Dip Your Fries In?

The #1 food sidekick–french fries–go well with pretty much…everything. Hamburger? Oh yeah. Fried chicken sandwich? Without a doubt. Lobster roll? But, of course.

But when it comes to dipping your fries…things get pretty personal. In our recent poll, we asked if you dip your fries in: ketchup, mayo, mustard or (gasps) nothing?

Ketchup was the clear winner, racking up 63% of the votes. But, as per any food debate…the comments are what make it….pure gold. Read on to see how the Grubhub community really feels.

Any mustard fans out there? ::Crickets::

And it looks like we possibly didn’t give enough options...

Even though ketchup was the undisputed winner...there’s still some naysayers out there.

If you can’t make up your mind...might as well mix things up.

Go on and dip fries your way…