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Delivery Is Reinventing Game Night

Our taco crew is back at it in Austin, Texas. This time, sushi and game night are on the menu. Take a cue from real-life friends and give these game and food pairing a try during your next game night. Start a game night tradition yourself, and give these game and food pairings a try to achieve game night success.

This is a game that moves fast, so you should have quick bites, like sushi rolls. You can keep one hand on your cards, and another on that spicy tuna roll. And if you load up on wasabi, there’s a chance that someone might mistake your “Woah this is so spicy” face for a “I have a great hand” face — and they might just fold. Get sushi delivered.

There is an art to winning this kind of game, so if you have a crew gathered to strategize and battle for victory, make sure the same strategy is put in for your pizza order. Toppings can make or break the pizza, so be sure to make the right move on and off the board. Order pizza near you.

This is a classic team game, so we suggest ordering as a team. Maybe one team orders Chinese, and the other orders tacos. Or try family-style dishes that can be shared amongst your team — and your enemies, if you’re feeling generous. Order up some General Tsos Chicken or a plate of nachos.

Monopoly is a game of strategy, and can infamously cause a stir in a family or friend group. So as to not cause any drama between sides, the only food that works in this situations is everyone’s personal go-to order. Order for yourself, and stay focused on the prize. Order dishes like sandwiches, salads, and diner favoriters near you.

Invite friends over, and order in for game night.

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