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10 Popular Delivery Dishes For December

We dug into the data and looked at which dishes are gaining popularity as we head into December. The community has spoken and these are the delivery dishes that people are going to be ordering all month long. Whether these are already your favorites or they are dishes you never knew you could order, scroll through and discover.

Just like a box of donuts, ordering a box of cinnamon buns is easier than you think. These sugary, doughy swirls of goodness are available for delivery and are also beginning to gain popularity as a delivery option.

Regardless of whether you are ordering them from a Japanese restaurant as gyoza, or from a Chinese restaurant as a pork dumpling or potsticker, according to the data, any kind of pork dumpling is going to be extra popular this month on Grubhub.

While we know that bibimbap is ideally enjoyed at a restaurant where the rice can cook against the cast iron to create the perfect crunch, the people have spoken and bibimbap is ordered almost twice as much in the winter months as opposed to the rest of the year. Here’s a bit more on Korean dishes for delivery, here.

If we’re talking about a salad popularity contest, leafy greens are out and the cobb salad is extremely popular this season. Look around you and at least 1 in 3 people will be ordering a cobb salad this month. And if they aren’t, maybe they should hop on the bandwagon.

Where as poke bowls and sushi were pretty popular for delivery back in the summer months, classics like a cheeseburger are back for winter. We are not complaining. We’re seeing more orders of cheeseburgers on the rise when compared to the rest of the year.

If you aren’t yet familiar with Szechuan (pinyin spelling is Sichuan) Chinese cuisine, there is one thing you need to know right off the bat: it is SPICY. And not just mouth-warming spicy. Most Szechuan dishes contain tiny peppercorns that will quite literally turn your tongue numb. Clearly, people have a need for the spice because Dandan noodles are a very popular delivery dish this season.

Whether it is pulled pork, burnt ends or something in the between, a BBQ sandwich is creeping to the top of the most popular dishes. When a large BBQ platter feels like it might be too much, ordering it in sandwich form seems to be a popular choice. If you love BBQ everything, check out this article.

The breakfast favorite has risen in popularity for orders this season. Based on the data, these are a favorite despite seeming like a classic summer food. Loaded with bananas, granola, nut butters and more, this is a breakfast that never goes out of style.

We’re not surprised this dish is more popular this time of year. According to the data, pumpkin soup orders are on the rise. If you’re a fan of squash soup, you’re going to love this. Check out more soup options here.

And the most popular dish for December is… stir fry! Based on data from the previous months, we’re seeing stir fry spike and can’t wait to indulge in this popular delivery dish all month long.

Now that you know the facts, order your favorites.

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