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Order Grubhub At These Bars

If you've grown tired of the traditional bar crawl on the weekends, Grubhub has a solution for you: update your routine by heading out to a great bar, doing something different and having delicious food delivered while you're out and about. Take your pick from these 'bring your own delivery' locales that encourage you to order food while you enjoy your evening playing bar games, touring breweries, and more.

New York

Full Circle Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn will inspire your inner child with skeeball. Get some friendly competition going by betting over who will pay for the tacos you’ll get delivered from the great Mexican place next door, Taco Chulo.

The Irish Rover in Astoria, Queens is the place to be on a Thursday night. Channel your inner Ken Jennings during trivia and get the best cuisines in Queens brought to you while showing off your smarts.

San Francisco

The Royale in Lower Nob Hill has a calendar full of the best ways to spend your beloved happy hour, not to mention a great selection of delivery restaurants nearby. Enjoy some great live music while you eat up great food.

The Wreck Room in Nob Hill is a place where any future NBA all-stars can get in some much needed practice with the Pop-A-Shot machines. Time your order perfectly so it arrives right as your crew needs to refuel.


Emporium Arcade Bar in Wicker Park will fulfill your need for some nostalgia. From pinball to pool, this spot has something for everyone, as does the plethora of delicious delivery options in the neighborhood.

Revolution Brewery in Logan Square can help answer your questions on how beer is brewed locally. Spice up your night and take a tour to learn a bunch about barley and all the other delicious things that make beer, well, delicious. We hear their beers pair perfectly with great takeout.

Washington, D.C.

Atlas Arcade in the H Street Corridor is the place where you can literally be like Pac Man and eat all the great food you can find, while you in fact play Pac Man. This bar caters well to taking a break while ordering a bite, and getting right back to beating your friends at Donkey Kong.

Los Angeles

Arts District Brewery is the perfect place to start practicing your ping pong for the next summer games, and then carbo load with delivery while imbibing any of their fantastic house-made brews. Just make sure to not rub it in too much when you destroy your friends with your wicked serve.

Order in to these great bars.

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