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The 6 Most Dunkable Foods Ever

We’ll be the first to admit we know more about meatballs than basketballs. That’s why instead of talking about people playing dirty or teams going “back to back”, we’re going to bypass the drama and cut to the chase. After much speculation, here are the six most dunkable foods on Grubhub.

Mozzarella Sticks

Mozzarella sticks are a classic diner food and a classic dunking food. They’re cheesy, they’re fried, they’re cylindrical, and that makes them perfectly crafted for dunking. That’s funny, we know a particular kid from Akron who is also perfectly crafted for dunking…

French Fries

The French fry is lucky. It’s always provided us with a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to dunking. Some people keep it classy with ketchup and mustard. Others venture out and do weird inexplicable things like dunk them into milkshakes. And then there’s the San Antonio French fry, who skips dunking all together and just does lay ups. To each their own.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

A classic dunkable food, the chocolate chip cookie has long been known as the pioneer of dunking. Consistency is key here — fresh baked cookies may taste delicious when dunked, but can sometimes crumble under the pressure. It could be worse, though — at least they didn’t blow a 3-1 lead.


Your name doesn’t have to be Tim to know that dumplings make a great dunkin’ food. Whoever makes the biggest soy sauce splash wins. But if you’re a true pro, which our main man Tim obviously was, you know that with soup dumplings, you make a hole in the top and pour the sauce in.

Spring Rolls

Packed with veggies, the spring roll is a perfect snack for dunking. Duck sauce goes great with this flakey dunkable appetizer. A flakey spring roll is a good thing, but a flakey LA offense ain’t.


While nachos are already covered in toppings, the veterans know that when you take that gooey and cheesy chip out from under the pile and dunk it into salsa or guac, you’re taking your nacho game to the next level, like all of these playoff teams are hoping to.

Only time will tell who will win it all, but for now, you can get your dunking on right from the comfort of your couch.

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