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How To Order Tacos Like A Pro

We've listed some tips on how you can reach optimal taco ordering potential. Read on and unlock the secrets to taco nirvana.

Think tortilla first. There are many options when it comes to tortilla choice for your taco — so make sure you think through your options. Choose corn for an authentic taste and feel, flour for a Tex-Mex approach, hard shell for that extra crunch, or sans taco if you want to keep things light.

Decide on quantity carefully. When ordering your tacos, be sure to check how many come in an order. While there is no such thing as “too many tacos” you don’t want to be surprised when less or more of what you thought you ordered arrives. Make sure everyone in your group is accounted for and gets the amount of tacos they need — and don’t worry about going over board. Leftovers = breakfast tacos in the morning.

Ask for toppings on the side. No longer fear a soggy taco being delivered. This is a pro-tip any taco connoisseur should adhere to. When you get toppings on the side, you control how much you pile on, and they remain more fresh in transit rather than losing flavor or zest.

Take a risk on one taco. Sure your regular order is Al Pastor. But with tacos, they’re so bite sized that this is the time to experiment. Always order one new taco along with your go-to. We suggest a veggie taco (trust us, meat eaters — they’re delicious), or a fish taco to keep things tropical.

Plate your tacos after they arrive. When your tacos arrive, we suggest pulling them out of the takeout container and plating them. This will keep all the juices and spill-over toppings on one plate, and ensure you have a seamless taco eating experience. Plus, you’ll feel extra fancy.

Split your tortillas for more taco deliciousness. Last but not least, pay attention to your tortillas. Traditional street tacos on corn tortillas often come with a double layer of tortilla, which for the taco pros, means more taco fun. Split up the fillings and toppings between these two tortillas, and boom — one taco just became two.

Whether it's Tuesday or not, you should hop to it and order tacos.

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