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7 Hearty Dishes For Date Night

Hearty, filling meals don’t traditionally go with date night. But according to the data we gathered from Tinder users on their preferences for first date food, hearty dishes won as the go-to for making the date a success. With this in mind, we’ve gathered the best hearty first date dishes you can find on Grubhub.

Sure there are breadcrumbs, three cheese, and baked mac n’ cheese options. But none is more classy, decadent and fitting for a date than truffle mac n’ cheese. Find some near you.

If you’re trying to kick up the date factor, go for some spaghetti with bolognese sauce. This red meat sauce is sure to impress your date, and maybe you’ll even have a silver screen moment and meet in the middle of a noodle. Find pasta near you.

Step aside, curry — chicken tikka masala is the perfect choice for date night. Not too spicy, and just the right amount of flavor, you can share it family style and it will be sure to fill you up. Find Indian food near you.

If you want to kick up the comfort on traditional pizza, order sicilian style. It comes in larger squares, with different variations topped with veggies or meat and you can always debate the merits of a corner piece vs. middle piece if you’re looking to fill a lull in first date conversation. Find pizza near you.

Skimp the sashimi and opt for this hearty sushi roll, compete with eel, avocado, shrimp tempura, and a variety of different sauces. Find sushi near you.

Dating a vegetarian? No problem. Both hearty and blissfully meat free, a portobello burger is the perfect replacement for a traditional burger. Bonus points if it’s packed with fresh veggies like red peppers and arugula, topped with flavorful bleu cheese. Find vegetarian options near you.

You’ll nail date night with this rich, delicious dessert choice. Be sure to go all out on toppings like fudge sauce, whipped cream and even some fresh fruit. Find cake near you.

Nail date night with these hearty dishes.

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