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There’s something sweet and nostalgic about a simple grilled cheese. You can’t really go wrong with melty, gooey cheese on toasty, buttery bread. But, there’s a time and a place for simple, and with the addition of a few key ingredients, grilled cheese can go from a timeless classic to an impressive culinary endeavor.

The origin of grilled cheese as an All-American staple likely dates back to the Great Depression when food options were limited and pantry staples prevailed. According to Farmers’ Almanac, the grilled cheese was called a “cheese dream” in a 1918 edition of Good Housekeeping. Chic!

Whether you call it a cheese dream, a panini, a quesadilla, a croque-monsieur, cheese on toast, or just a simple grilled cheese, there’s no denying that you’ll feel warm all over with just one bite.

In Chicago? Check out Gayle V’s Best Ever Grilled Cheese. New Yorkers have a soft spot for Beecher’s Handmade Cheese. And in Madison, Wisconsin, where cheese is a national sport, you can try the fan-favorite stuffed grilled cheese at The Alchemy Cafe.

Check out these mouth-watering creations and order your own on Grubhub.

Veggie lovers rejoice. Why wouldn’t you want to layer your grilled cheese with sauteed spinach and roasted mushrooms? It’s flavorful PLUS you can make the argument that it has nutritional value. Score. Find grilled cheese near you.

This is what you get when a grilled cheese goes all Mediterranean on us. We’ve got roasted bell peppers tossed with artichoke hearts, mingling with cheddar cheese. Does it get any better? Find grilled cheese near you.

There’s little we love more than melted brie cheese. Load in slices of ham, toss it on the skillet with ample butter, and voila — this masterpiece emerges. Find grilled cheese near you.

While goat meat is found most often in Middle Eastern and African cuisines, we suggest trying it in grilled cheese form. Complemented by the topping of all toppings, the avocado, this gooey, wondrous provolone cheese sandwich will leave you satisfied and enlightened. Find grilled cheese near you.

Got the need for heat? Look no further than literally putting jalapeño poppers inside of a grilled cheese. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the layers of bacon (and the magnificent pickle on top). Find grilled cheese near you.

Find Grilled Cheese sandwiches near you.

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