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7 Dallas Restaurants To Try For Delivery

Dallas might be known for barbecue, but there is so much more to the food scene than that. The best way to get a taste of the latest trends is by getting them delivered right to your door. These are some of the most popular restaurants for delivery in Dallas, and if you haven’t ordered them yet, you’re going to want to ASAP.

Pho can sometimes be a tough dish to master — there is a lot that goes into it, literally. At Pho Bowl you can build your own, which is a great way to get to know the ingredients and how pho is made. Give Pho Bowl a try next time you’re craving some savory soup.

Looking for tacos in Dallas? While there is an ongoing debate on who does tacos the best in the city, survey says that Dos Tacos is a clear winner for delivery tacos. They’re simple, no nonsense and they have some pretty incredible sauces. Stick to the classics here, you’ll be happy you did.

Another favorite taco spot in Dallas is OMG Tacos. If you haven’t tried their steak taco yet, you should probably open up Grubhub, search for OMG Tacos, and place an order (you can get free delivery with code DALLASFREE) and check out what all the hype is about. Because they are Delicious with a capital D.

Craving gyro in Dallas? You’re in luck. The platters and gyros at Big Guys Chicken and Rice are killer, and they’re really great for delivery. Don’t sleep on this great option in Dallas.

One of the more popular burger spots for delivery is Duggs, and for good reason. First off, they have a huge selection for being a burger spot, their sauces are out of this world, and the buns are so fluffy we can’t handle it. Dallas, you lucky ducks.

On the hunt for excellent Thai in Dallas? This is the spot. The menu is HUGE and therefore the options are endless when it comes to dishes. From pad thai to fried rice to curry, Banana Leaf Thai is one of the best in Dallas.

To kick things off, we should tell you that the most popular dish for delivery from Chuy’s is the Big As Yo’ Face Burrito, which if you ask us is reason enough to order it. But seriously, you can get everything from tacos to burritos to plates, and the quality is top notch. Give Chuy’s a try for delivery next time you’re craving a burrito as big as your face.

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