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Settling the Age-Old Fry Debate

We’re at it again. Grubhub here, just stirring the pot by boldly stating one food is better than another. What are we throwin’ down about now, you ask? Oh, just this little-known, crispy, totally dippable guy called a FRY. Sure, we’ve touched on which sauce is better to dip your fries in… but not about […]

Food Debate: What Sauce Do You Dip Your Fries In?

The #1 food sidekick–french fries–go well with pretty much…everything. Hamburger? Oh yeah. Fried chicken sandwich? Without a doubt. Lobster roll? But, of course. But when it comes to dipping your fries…things get pretty personal. In our recent poll, we asked if you dip your fries in: ketchup, mayo, mustard or (gasps) nothing? Ketchup was the […]

What’s Your Ideal Study Snack?

The 6 Most Dunkable Foods Ever

We’ll be the first to admit we know more about meatballs than basketballs. That’s why instead of talking about people playing dirty or teams going “back to back”, we’re going to bypass the drama and cut to the chase. After much speculation, here are the six most dunkable foods on Grubhub.