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Five Out-of-the-Ordinary Winter Foods

There seems to be a trend here, guys. Back in fall, in turned out that some of your favorite foods were pretty wild and unexpected for the season. And it looks like winter is no different. Sure, sure, soups and even hot chocolate made the list…but what about these other seemingly rogue dishes? How’d you guys sneak in here?

Take a look at the list below if you’re looking to stray from your usual winter warmers and get some of these surprising, top-ordered winter foods delivered to your door.

Mini corn dogs:

We swear…not even full size. Can’t knock it–they’re quite cute.

Fish and chips

Winter got us feelin’ some kind of…British?

Poke bowl

Aloha, winter. Looks like this Instagram-friendly-yet-wildly-flavorful dish is an all-season pleaser.

Mexican street corn (elote)

From the streets of Mexico…to your couch. Bringin’ the fiesta to you.

Guacamole & plantain chips

Guac is the star of summer…and winter. You’re so versatile.

It’s winter. Time to stay in and…eat.