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The Top 5 Unexpected Foods of Fall

After slipping into a warm flannel, you thumb through the Grubhub app looking for classic fall dishes. Maybe you’ll start with a hearty butternut squash soup, dig into a chicken pot pie for your main course, and end with some apple pie for dessert. That’s so fall of you.

While these definitely made the cut for our top-ordered fall foods...there are some totally unexpected dishes that are ordered too. With the first day of fall starting tomorrow, take a look at these unconventional foods that trend for the season. Maybe you’ll jump on the bandwagon too.

164% more popular in fall

Fact: there’s never a wrong season to eat cheesy, saucy pizza…specifically, grandma square pizza. And for those of you who’ve never seen this before… it resembles a Sicilian slice, but it’s denser and has a crisper bottom (thanks to the olive oil that coats the pan).

97% more popular in fall

Easily snackable, savory pockets of dough packed with meat sound like anytime eats to us.

85% more popular in fall

Regardless of weather, it looks like September still means summer. Tacos — maybe with fresh hints of lime and cilantro — aren’t going away just yet.

76% more popular in fall

Looks like some of you take the pizza obsession a step further by folding it, stuffing it — especially with buffalo sauce and maybe even some chicken — and baking it. Read: September is totally time for calzones.

71% more popular in fall

If you don’t live in Boston, you might know these poppable guys better as…dumplings. (Fun fact: The original Peking Ravioli creator tweaked the name to appeal to her Italian clientele.) Whatever you call them, get two orders…you know you don’t want to share these.