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America Gets Fancy on Oscar Night

And the award for fanciest delivery order goes to… you! Grubhub data shows that on a national level, the most ordered foods on Oscar night were dishes like crab cakes, prime rib, or tiramisu. Turns out America likes to keep things fancy on Oscar night, watching the red carpet from the comfort of their living room carpet. Read on to learn the top fancy dishes ordered on Oscar night.

Ordering as an entree, or in the form of flavorful meatballs, veal was one of the trending dishes of the night, spiking by 18%. Get veal delivered.

Believe it or not, we saw a 17% spike in orders of prime rib, complete with all the complimentary sides. Get prime rib delivered.

Orders of crab cakes spiked 10%, further proving that America loves to get fancy while watching the red carpet. Get crab cakes delivered.

Totally bite sized and undeniably delicious, calamari orders spiked 9%. Get calamari delivered.

As one of more decadent desserts you can order, we saw tiramisu orders spike 6%. Get tiramisu delivered.

Often a delivery favorite, we saw a 4% spike in fancier rolls, like Dragon Rolls or Rainbow Rolls, being ordered during the Oscars. Get sushi delivered.

Last but not least, we saw a 4% spike in filet mignon orders throughout Oscar night, proving yet again that Oscars night is the perfect excuse to order something fancy. Get filet mignon delivered.

Order in these fancy favorites.

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