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8 Delivery Instructions That Sound Like Thank You Speeches

Red carpets, memorable speeches, and oh so many *thank you*’s are about to flood your feeds and your TV screens. So we’ve decided to sift through every single Thank You that was said on Grubhub and find those that we find most inspiring. From thanking chefs and favorite restaurants, to thanking friends and family with delivery, our community has many people and places to thank — read the top Thank You speeches below.

“Black out your lights as you turn into the cul de sac. We’re the left unit of the first duplex. Pound on the door obnoxiously hard… we’re watching “Election Year” and I want to see if she jumps. If you pull this off then you’re amazing! If not, thanks for trying, I’m sure we’ll still love the pizza.”

“Delivery driver: I am trapped at home with 2 screaming kids, my wife is out with her friends until late, and has our only kid compatible car. I just ran out of iced tea, there is a store as you leave Westchester on 322, directly on the way to our house. If you would be so kind to stop in and grab a gallon of iced tea. If you do, $20 plus the cost of the tea will be awaiting you as a tip when you arrive with the food and tea. This is your mission, if you choose to accept it. Thank you.”

“I come from a family of independent small business owners, and I am proud to support my local businesses. You consistently out-delivers your competition with superior food and quality service. My thanks goes out to the staff, ownership, and their families – without whom, pizza-night in at my home wouldn’t be possible. Keep up the delicious work!”

“The biggest of thank you’s for all of your efforts in helping me out. Didn’t know how to express how grateful I am to have you around. Thank you for being the best support system when I really need one. LYSM xxx”

“This is a surprise treat for Valentine’s Day! Be safe driving and thank you again for your delicious food! What a wonderful celebration with your amazing food! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!”

“I will be moving out of this apartment tomorrow. Just wanted to thank you for the great food this last month. This probably will be my last order for now. Will visit this place sometime with my wife. You make the best Indian food in Seattle. Wish you all the best.”

“Check in with the NYPD Precinct reception, and let them know that it’s a thank you gift! Please write a thank you note reading: This is from Lindsay to the NYPD Precinct! Thank you for supervising and keeping us safe. Happy Thanksgiving!!”

“I have spoken with David about this order. It is going to the NYFD as a special thank you to the firemen after responding to a fire at my son’s apartment building. So, this is a very special order. Ben also said you would contact the fire station that the meal would be coming and that it is a thank you. I also spoke with the Engine Officer. They are aware the food is coming. Please knock this order out of the park! I owe the firefighters a debt of gratitude for a job well done! Thank you!”

“This order is for Jim on the 9th floor. If Jim has to come get it, he might be moderately confused. I’m his daughter and I ordered him breakfast to work because he’s annoyed with me. Bottom line is, he doesn’t know I ordered this. Have a great day, and thanks for going through the trouble — you’re #1!”

“This delivery is to support a family caring for someone in the hospital. They are on a strict medical schedule, and will return to this address by 5:45pm ET. Please deliver this order no earlier than 6pm ET so that they can be present at this address to receive it. Many, many thanks!”

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