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The Best Thai Delivery in San Francisco

Whether it’s pad thai, tom kha gai soup, or a sizzling curry, there’s something about a Thai food craving that is nearly impossible to kick. Lucky for you, SF, it’s never been a problem satisfying a Thai craving when you live in San Francisco. The real feat is deciding between all the different options. We have an excellent variety of options on Grubhub, so came up with a list of some of the best of the best.

Thai Spice Restaurant

Thai Spice has been picked as one of the top five Thai restaurants by the San Francisco Chronicle, and they are not wrong. The Thai Spice’s Rolls, a vegetarian or chicken appetizer, is a perfect order for sharing, and each piece of protein is always perfectly crisp. Give that a try, or order some classic Pad Thai or Green Curry — everything here is always going to be good.

House of Thai on Larkin

This Thai restaurant takes pride in delivering amazing authentic dishes with an extra focus on freshness and quality. The Pumpkin Curry is a must-try for pumpkin-lovers and adventurous foodies, while the Pineapple Fried Rice is another authentic and savory option. If your go-to is Pad Se-Ew Noodles, theirs is a top-seller. So go on with your bad self and order it up.

Cham-Am Thai

Located right in the bustling heart of SOMA, Cham-am Thai is a clear favorite for the locals in the area. They have an extensive menu, from curries to vegetarian dishes and noodles, so dive right in and get wild because their delivery is always seamless and travels really well.

Ratcha Thai Restaurant

These guys specialize in delivery dishes and happen to be some of the best in the game in all of the Bay. The Lava Beef Entree is a delicious and a popular option that we definitely recommend for delivery. But careful, it’s spicy. Also, try their summer rolls and apps to make your order a start to finish meal.

Kitchen Story

This modern Thai kitchen specializes in delivering Californian cuisine fused with delicious Thai flavors. Their creativity is a huge plus and has made them famous in the area. Go with the classic Pad Thai or the Tuna Tartar — you’ll be ordering them again in no time.

Chili Lemon Garlic

Located right in between SOMA and Mission Bay, Chili Lemon Garlic is a staple and a favorite of people that live and work in the area. The Shrimp Rolls are always on point – a perfect starter to get delivered – and the Pad See Ew or Pad Thai are great entrees to complement them.

Modern Thai

While the name says it all, the flavors and innovative selection of dishes say even more. The Thai Basil Entrée is excellent, their seafood is top notch, and it’s a nice option to share if you are ordering delivery with friends.

Chabaa Thai Cuisine

Located in the Tenderloin, this hidden gem serves up some amazing classic Thai dinners as well as exotic Lao specialties. Pick their Red Curry for a nice balanced flavor, with a savory medium spice. The Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango is also a great option to try and excellent for leftovers. Once again, the Pad Thai is a winner if that’s your style.

Koh Samui and the Monkey

This list would not be complete without Koh Samui and the Monkey. This spot delivers fresh and creatively crafted Thai cuisine that will have you ordering here on the regular. The Royal Curry is amazing, and comes with grilled zucchini, mushrooms, and broccoli with plenty of spicy kick. Their apps and soups will also blow you away with their taste and creativity. Presentation is king, even when delivered — so don’t be afraid to order in for date night or a special occasion.

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