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5 Tips To Master Your Grubhub Order with Alexa

Grubhub now has a skill for Amazon Alexa that allows you to reorder your favorite foods from your order history. Once you have enabled the skill, follow our fool-proof guide to get your Grubhub order in without lifting a finger.

Expand beyond pizza — options are essentially endless.

If you know Grubhub, you know we are much more than pizza. You can get all kinds of food from tacos to sushi to soup delivered to your home or apartment. Build out your order history online, then use Grubhub skill for Amazon Alexa to sift through and get whatever you’re craving, delivered.

Start off with “Alexa” then say “Tell Grubhub I’m hungry.”

To launch the Grubhub skill, you can also say “Alexa, tell Grubhub I need food” or “Alexa, open Grubhub”.

The Grubhub skill is for reordering only.

The Grubhub skill is for reordering a meal you have already ordered on Grubhub. For example, when you launch the skill, it will list out the last three meals in your order history (beware if you want to keep those secrets to yourself).

Confirm by saying “Reorder” or “I want”

“Reorder” and “I want” are the two phrases you can use to tell Alexa which Grubhub order you want. Alexa will offer up suggestions based on your order history in number form. So it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

End the order your own way.

Alexa responds to you when you say “Yes,” “Okay,” “Sure,” “Why not,” “Sounds good,” “Yep,” “Uh huh,” and even “Okie-dokie.”

Enable the Grubhub skill for Amazon Alexa today!

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