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Yikes! Say This to Your Delivery Person Instead of “You Too.”

Picture this: your doorbell just rang and your delicious Seamless order has officially arrived. Your dinner is headed up the steps and it’s time to eat!

All you have to do is grab your order from your driver, give a heartfelt thank you and you’re done.

Easy, right? Well, not so fast my friend. The handoff moment is filled with one tricky phrase, “You too!”

You know this exchange all too well… it usually sounds like this:

Or this: 

But all hope might not totally be lost because we’ve compiled a list of things that you can say to your delivery driver instead of the dreaded, “you too!”

Thanks for the delivery! Have a good one!

Two whole sentences? Yes, that’s right, we believe in you. Just focus really, really hard and when the driver shows up don’t get nervous.

Take it slow. Speak clearly. You got this.

You’re the best! Hope you have a great day!

A compliment never hurts. After all, this person did just bring a delicious meal to your door. They are absolutely the best person in the world right then and there. So let them hear about it!

I love food. I love you!

Let’s get weird. You’re overcome with emotion. You can smell the delicious food. You’re so hungry and about to be so happy. We know this is what you truly want to yell from your doorstep.

So go ahead, let it rip, tell them how you really feel! (Disclaimer: we do not guarantee an ‘I love you!’ in return.)

Thank you! How was the ride?

Our delivery drivers work extremely hard to get you your order in time. And, you never know what might’ve happened on the road from restaurant to doorstep.

Who doesn’t want to hear a story of a biker hopping over moving couches? Saving small kittens from the road? And still making it to you on time? Don’t miss out.

Nice weather we’re having, huh?

What’s a tried and true conversation topic for any and all small talk? The weather. It’s money in the bank.

Is it 65 and sunny? Say to the driver, “wow, beautiful day out, am I right?” Is it dark, dreary and pouring? Let the driver know, “be safe out there, hope this awful weather clears up soon!”

Now that you’re well-equipped with some non-embarrassing, handy phrases...go on and get delivery!