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The Grubhub Women’s Project | Andrea Uyeda of ediBOL

Leading up to the Grubhub Women’s Project, we’re featuring a few of the many incredible female chefs and restaurant owners we’re proud to partner with.

Meet Andrea. She owns and operates ediBOL in LA. This is her story.

Growing up just blocks from where ediBOL now sits in Los Angeles’ Art District, Andrea fell in love with cooking early on. Some of her first, and most cherished memories are of her and her grandmother, standing in the kitchen cooking everything from pies to sushi.

“By the age of 11, I had taken on the responsibility of cooking dinner for the family each night. A bowl of Japanese rice was a part of every meal,” she recalls. The inspiration for ediBOL’s menu is a reflection of her past paired with fresh flavors, a blend of the old and new, much like the Art District of LA, where the restaurant now thrives.

One of her main goals now is to pay her passion forward. “My ultimate dream is for ediBOL to not only be a place that serves great food and drinks, but also be a place where people can connect and share their passions. This could range from coffee, rice, beer, almonds, art, acting, writing, music, and lots more!”

Without great food, Grubhub could not exist. It is women like Andrea who pour their love into every bite that makes it easy for us to deliver amazing food. We are proud to work with and support incredible female chefs and restaurant owners like Andrea, and are honored to share her story.

Here are some of our favorite items from ediBOL’s menu:

Honey Citrus Bowl

With roasted squash and cauliflower, walnuts, grains, and a zesty orange to top it off, the Honey Citrus Bowl is a refreshing take on a classic grain bowl. Order now.

Miso Peanut Ramen

Packed with spices and hearty in all of the right ways, the Miso Peanut Ramen is a savory dish you won’t want to pase up at ediBOL. Order it now.

Pretzel Grilled Cheese

Pretzel bread hug layers of cheesy goodness in ediBOL’s decadent Pretzel Grilled Cheese — a true work of art. Order it now.

Check out ediBOL’s eclectic offerings.