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The Grubhub Women’s Project | Tamara Keefe of Clementine’s Creamery

Leading up to the Grubhub Women’s Project, we’re featuring a few of the many incredible female chefs and restaurant owners we’re proud to partner with.

Meet Tamara. She owns and operates Clementine’s Creamery in St. Louis, MO. This is her story.

Fact: nearly all children crave ice cream. Growing up, Tamara Keefe was no exception. Keefe decided to be proactive about it and began making her own at a young age, after her mother bought her a hand-crank machine at a yard sale. From that moment on, making ice cream became her passion.

Despite a successful career as an executive, Keefe felt like something was missing. When her job unexpectedly moved her to St. Louis, Missouri, she realized what was missing and her passion for ice cream was once again ignited. Something about her new city inspired her; from the neighborhoods, to the people, it all seemed like a perfect fit for both her and the ice cream shop she dreamed of opening. She began to build the business in her free time, but after a few years, she finally felt the time was right to make this her full time gig. Keefe bravely left behind the safe life she had known for so long to chase her dream, and after cashing out her retirement and investing it all in the shop, Clementine’s Creamery was born.

Keefe is fully immersed in her work, and can be found bouncing from her city kitchen to her soon-to-be second location back to her original beloved shop in Lafayette Square under St. Louis’ iconic Arch. Inspirational women like her are what makes the food Grubhub delivers more than just a meal. Food made from love, passion, and courage just tastes better.

Here are some of our favorite items from the Clementine’s Creamery menu:

Gooey Butter Cake Ice Cream

When you put the words gooey, butter, and cake together; there is zero chance for error. Among the many heartwarming baked treats at Clementine's Creamery, the Gooey Butter Cake ice cream is a customer favorite. Order now.

Maple Bourbon Ice Cream with Salted Candied Pecans

This maple bourbon ice cream is like a fireplace and cozy blanket in a chilled cup. Sprinkled with salted candied pecans, it’s the perfect sweet nightcap for any meal. Order now.

Salted ‘Crack’ Caramel Ice Cream

Trust the namesake, because this sweet ice cream is addictive in all the right ways. The caramel is layered with chocolate, and loaded with salt for a savory kick. Mixed into a caramel ice cream, this tasty brittle-infused ice cream is a sure way to win the dessert game. Order now.

Order from Clementine’s Creamery in St. Louis.