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What the Shell? 5 Crazy Tacos You Gotta Try

Today’s National Taco Day! And we’re celebrating by switching it up and giving our usual favorites a break (sorry, beef, chicken and shrimp).

Check out these five out-of-the-box tacos that you’re definitely missing out on.

The crunch on the outside and the creamy inside is a texture combo you never knew you needed till now.

A lil’ sweet. A lot of juicy. And super fresh. We’re talking kiwi, strawberries, blueberries… just throw in the entire garden.

A breakfast for go-getters who don’t have time to hover over a plate. Just throw eggs, bacon and cheese in a pancake, then keep it movin’.

Yes, it exists. Yes, you can add layers of toppings. And yes, it will be a beautiful mess. But worry about that after you devour it.

It’s everything you love, but with a lil’ Italian twist. Saucy meatballs and pasta tucked into a hard shell are best served hot and unlimited.

Ready to shake things up?