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What I Ate in a Week: Nyla

Here at Grubhub, our employees are pretty obsessed with food. Every day, we’re making sure delicious food finds its way to your door….and to ours. Say what? Correct, we too order from Grubhub (so meta).

With our “What I Ate in a Week” series, you’ll get a sneak peek into the lives of actual — never not hungry — Grubhub team members. A nice benefit that happens to come with our jobs is what we call “mealperks” — our weekly Grubhub stipend. Clearly, we’re using this to get the best bites in town each and every week.

On deck, we have: Nyla, a Restaurant Account Advisor on the Restaurant Network Team. Get the lowdown on her delivery highlights of the week and top ordering hacks.

Let’s meet Nyla.

I took a leap of faith and moved to Portland from Chicago after freshly turning 30 in September–transitioning into a new decade with a big bang, which included me jumping from the sky off a plane in Western Australia at 15,000+ ft. (BTW, I’ve always been afraid of heights.)

I love solo travel, challenging my world views, learning anything new, and conquering my fears, I also love boxing, playing the banjo, and the great nature/outdoors. I can now go on hikes anytime I want, because the Grubhub Portland office is close to the sweetest trails!

I now live in NoPo (north Portland) and everyday is just as memorable, and exciting as the next! There’s a huge foodie scene here with food carts on almost every block, and delicious food and restaurants everywhere you turn. I learned from my favorite Chef (Anthony Bourdain) to try anything once, and to broaden your horizons as a means of connecting with other cultures through food, so after making that pact, there’s no turning back. Moving to a new city meant turning to Grubhub to show me what was in my area. My favorite foods/cuisines are tacos, biriyani (Indian food, yum) and sushi. I’m going to Japan in the spring and can’t wait to try authentic Japanese cuisine!

And here are my top delivery eats from last week…

Pad Prik Prow Crispy Chicken from Khao San

Crispy chicken stir fried with shallots, bell peppers, carrots, green onions, and roasted peanuts with the perfect touch of spiciness! This is a real office crowd pleaser. Anything and everything from here is absolutely mind-blowingly delicious. Our office orders from here at least 3x a week. Any meeting that could have been a really thorough email is made so much more smile inducing, and more enjoyable with this for lunch, yum! (Tip: try splitting the bill with Venmo if you order with your friends/coworkers like I do.)

Tonkatsu Shio Ramen from Afuri Ramen & Dumplings

BLACK. GARLIC. OIL. OMG. Shio tare, pork broth, chashu pork, egg, black garlic oil, green onion, pickled ginger, kikurage mushroom and sesame…and it’s all gluten-free. I had a craving for ramen hardcore, and this delivered. Literally. There’s just so much umami and richness in the broth. A Portland favorite…probably because it’s SO good.

Jalapeño Bagel & Scallion Cream Cheese from Kenny & Zukes

That cream cheese though, wow. I mean, just look at it. Jalapeño bagels are the bomb, but throw in some texture from the scallions and the cream cheese turns into a party of flavor in your mouth. These delicious bagels are made even better with a hot cup of joe.

Avocado Bacon Burger from Phil’s Meat Market & Delicatessen

Being 30 means low-key swapping carbs AKA things you love with cauliflower or lettuce substitutes, but it doesn’t mean you’ve got to cut out the things that you enjoy! This avocado bacon burger from Phil’s is like a boxed lunch meal, made with love. Portland loves it’s local organic foods, and high quality ingredients. This burger boasts a house-ground and handmade chuck patty, thick cut bacon, melted provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion, and fresh avocado, on a local Pearl Bakery pub bun. (I opted for a lettuce wrap, which is already an option so no need for special instructions, here.) This meal brings smiles to your face with a pickle, choice of chips, and beverage. See, you can have a burger and be health-conscious too! Pro tip: the restaurant offers a promo where, if you order before 5:30 pm on Grubhub, you get $5 off!

Tune in next week for the latest edition of “What I Ate in a Week.” Will it make you hungry? Probably...but, we can help with that.