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What I Ate in a Week: Nate’s Grubhub Food Diary

Here at Grubhub, our employees are pretty obsessed with food. Every day, we’re making sure delicious food finds its way to your door….and to ours. Say what? Correct, we too order from Grubhub (so meta).

With our “What I Ate in a Week” series, you’ll get a sneak peek into the lives of actual — never not hungry — Grubhub team members. A nice benefit that happens to come with our jobs is what we call “mealperks” — our weekly Grubhub stipend. Clearly, we’re using this to get the best bites in town each and every week.

On deck, we have: Nate, an Associate Creative Director on our Marketing Team. Get the lowdown on his delivery highlights of the week and top ordering hacks.

Let’s meet Nate:

I’m a family man, class clown, metalhead, IPA drinker and eater of pretty much everything (but no pickles, please). I live in the burbs of Chicago with my wife and two daughters. I also play guitar in a crummy metal band with my friends. Some of my favorite foods include duck tacos, chivito (don’t worry, we’ll come back to this) and creme brulee.

And here are my top delivery eats from last week…

Chivito from Cafecito: Technically it’s a sandwich. But when you eat chivito, your life is changed. It’s culinary paradise. It tastes like the meaning of life. It proves that “too much of a good thing” is a myth. For lunch on Monday, my co-worker Nick and I ordered Chivito sandwiches from Cafecito. We love this sandwich so much, we call ourselves the Chivito Bros. And what’s not to love? Steak, ham, bacon, fried egg, mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, crunchy fried onion and citrus mayo on a crispy sandwich roll. And with a side of fried plantains? Magnificent.

When I found out that chivito originated in Uruguay — and is the country’s national food — I added it to my bucket list. When I finally get there, I will eat nothing but chivitos and bask in the glory of what is likely the best place on earth.

Powerhouse Protein Salad from Potbelly: I was in the mood for something a bit healthier for lunch on Tuesday. I ordered my go-to salad, the Powerhouse Protein salad from Potbelly. Grubhub’s express reorder feature remembers it as something I order frequently and automatically includes all the extras I like—double chicken, croutons and balsamic dressing. I can order with just a few taps.

Chicken Kabab Bowl from Doner Men: I had band practice with my buddies on Wednesday night. Brian, our drummer, and I eat dinner at the practice space before we jam, so this week I grabbed food for both of us. Brian recommended a place I’d never tried before—Doner Men, which is a dive bar that serves German street food. It’s a couple blocks from our practice space.

Because it’s a bar, Doner Men opens in the late afternoon. But I found it on Grubhub around noon and preordered our food for pick up at 6:30 pm. And just like clockwork, our chicken kabab bowls and side of poutine were ready exactly then. Our food was excellent—fresh, hot, a lil’ spicy, filling. The poutine was fantastic. They packaged the gravy and cheese curds separately from the fries to keep them from getting soggy in transit—pro move.

(Note: Nate had no pictures of this meal because it looked and smelled so good, he just ate it and forgot to take a photo. But, lucky for us the folks at Doner Men have a ton of photos on their Grubhub menu, including one for that poutine.)

An assortment of dishes from Siam Rice: For lunch on Friday, a couple of co-workers and I used our mealperks for a potluck. We all ordered different dishes and sides from the same Thai restaurant — Siam Rice — then picked up the food at the restaurant and brought it back to work. We shared it all…family-style. Super delish.

Formosan Beef from Little Szechuan: A few friends had recommended a Chinese restaurant to us, so we decided to try it for dinner on Saturday. We ordered for delivery on Grubhub, and Little Szechuan was a big hit. I got spicy Formosan Beef, a dish I’d never heard of before, and loved it. So spicy, so savory. My wife and daughters liked their dishes too. We’ll order from there again for sure.

Want to eat like Nate?