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What I Ate in a Week: Marie’s Food Diary

Here at Grubhub, our employees are pretty obsessed with food. Every day, we’re making sure delicious food finds its way to your door….and to ours. Say what? Correct, we too order from Grubhub (so meta).

With our “What I Ate in a Week” series, you’ll get a sneak peek into the lives of actual — never not hungry — Grubhub team members. A nice benefit that happens to come with our jobs is what we call “mealperks” — our weekly Grubhub stipend. Clearly, we’re using this to get the best bites in town each and every week.

On deck, we have: Marie, a coordinator on our Brand Marketing team. Get the lowdown on her delivery highlights of the week and top ordering hacks.

Let’s meet Marie.

Hey everyone! My name is Marie and I’m on the Brand team here at Grubhub. I moved to Chicago from the great city of Cleveland about a year ago. I love when my family and friends visit, so I can try different restaurants. I live in River North which is a blessing and curse because there are so many restaurants close by! I am the most indecisive person when it comes to food; I’ll want a salad one minute, tacos the next, and then ultimately end up ordering a cheeseburger. Thankfully, Grubhub has a wide selection of cuisines, and can fix all of my food cravings! Convenient that I work here, right?

Mexicali Salad from Mixed Greens

This is my favorite salad of all time! (Seriously, not an overstatement.) I order the Mexicali from Mixed Greens a lot, so I can easily express reorder this awesome, flavorful dish whenever I want. I tried it for the first time back this summer, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Now I have to get it once (or sometimes twice) a week. The salad is packed with field greens, corn, black beans, white cheddar cheese and plum tomatoes, topped off with cilantro, crunchy corn chips and a honey lime vinaigrette and spicy peanut sauce. MG also gives you a slice of pita with the salad, that I love to dip in the peanut sauce.

Honey Grilled Pork Pho from Lotus Cafe & Banh Mi

The perfect meal for a cold snowy day in Chicago is pho…and Lotus Cafe & Banh Mi has some of the best. I was convinced by a coworker to try pho a few months back, and now I’m hooked! (Haven’t tried it yet? Check out our guide to this popular Vietnamese dish.) This pho in particular has a really unique flavor, since it comes with honey grilled pork instead of the beef that’s found in more traditional pho dishes. (I happened to eat my pho too quickly before snapping a pic, so you get to enjoy a beautiful stock photo instead!)

Cheeseburger and Fries from M Burger

It is FRY-day (yes, I said it), so why not celebrate with a cheeseburger and fries? I love burgers, which comes as a shock to my close friends because I was a vegetarian for six years. Crazy, I know. I could eat burgers, fries and milkshakes everyday! Pro tip: Always order a milkshake…and then dip your fries in it.

Paradise Smoothie from Balu Smoothies & More

When I’ve eaten a big breakfast and want something light for lunch (or it’s a treat yourself kind of day and I get an afternoon snack), I order from Balu Smoothies & More. The paradise smoothie is my go-to; it’s full of bananas, coconut milk, mango, pineapple, strawberry and a mix of super greens. A touch of agave nectar gives it just the right amount of sweetness to end my week on a high note.

Tune in next week for the latest edition of “What I Ate in a Week.” Will it make you hungry? Probably...but, we can help with that.