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What I Ate in a Week: Aliya’s Food Diary

Here at Grubhub, our employees are pretty obsessed with food. Every day, we’re making sure delicious food finds its way to your door….and to ours. Say what? Correct, we too order from Grubhub (so meta).

With our “What I Ate in a Week” series, you’ll get a sneak peek into the lives of actual — never not hungry — Grubhub team members. A nice benefit that happens to come with our jobs is what we call “mealperks” — our weekly Grubhub stipend. Clearly, we’re using this to get the best bites in town each and every week.

On deck, we have: Aliya, a coordinator on our Social Media team. Get the lowdown on her delivery highlights of the week and top ordering hacks.

Let’s meet Aliya.

Hi my name is Aliya and I’m on the social media team here at Grubhub! I’m born and raised in Brooklyn so definitely a “foodie” to say the least. When it comes to trying new things…very few foods are off the table. I love all seafood and definitely enjoy a great steak (cooked rare, don’t @ me). I love eggs for any meal of the day (particularly a good runny yolk), and actually don’t like potatoes (I know, I know, don’t sue me.) I have a pretty busy schedule and hate dirty dishes so I tend to order-in a lot, however, recently I’ve been trying to eat pretty “clean” so I try to order foods that still fit the bill.

Warning: SORRY if this is a little snoozy for you sweet-toothers. 😋I swear everything still tastes great!

And here are my top delivery eats from last week…

Salad, Tuna

Tuna Salad from Gotan:

First up, Gotan. I have been pretty obsessed with this salad for months now. It’s the perfect mix of a simple and light salad, but also filing. It comes with tuna salad (with light mayo), avocado, cherry tomatoes, and a poached egg. For a #protip I typically order a second poached egg or extra chicken to go with it.

Salmon Poke Bowl from Poke Time:

Next up, I almost always get sushi or a poke bowl midweek. This one is from Poke Time. When it comes to poke bowls I always make my own. I’m a huge fan of salmon so obviously had to get that as my main protein, along with seaweed salad, edamame, avocado, sesame seeds, and tobiko for a little extra flavor. I typically get brown rice as the base.

Clean Green Protein Juice from Juice Press:

I wake up super hungry, so some nights I’ll pre-order juices for after a morning workout! This one is from Juice Press and it’s the “Clean Green Protein” juice which includes spinach, kale, banana, hemp protein, almond butter, chia seed, coconut nectar and homemade almond milk. It tastes amazing and is a great way to incorporate some veggies early on in the day (and I guess some chia seeds and hemp protein never hurt anyone?)

Gluten-free Chicken Meatballs from Market Crates:

One of my go-to’s is Market Crates which does a great job of making yummy, healthy food. I love their gluten free chicken meatballs; I probably eat it at least once a week. Their meatball platter also comes with two sides. I ordered the Greek chickpea salad and the cucumber, tomato & avocado salad – but there are some other fun options like mac and cheese, thai noodles, sweet potatoes, etc.

Tune in next week for the latest edition of “What I Ate in a Week.” Will it make you hungry? Probably...but, we can help with that.