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Summerlicious?! Say What?!

People have been making new words by combining old words ever since the launch of the internet (and probably before). Bromance. Shopaholic. Ginormous. The list goes on and on. When two words capture what you want to say, but you only have time for one word… necessity becomes the mother of word invention. (Wordvention?)

Introducing Summerlicious, our fresh, new word of the season. Part Summer, part Delicious— Summerlicious has a lot of good stuff mixed up in it. And like the best new words, its meaning is obvious. (Spork, anyone?) Summerlicious is all about enjoying fun summer activities and eating delicious summer foods.

sum·mer·li·cious1 ˈsəmər ˈliSHəs/ noun The ultimate summertime experience created by combining excellent food and an enjoyable occasion, such as heading to beach, throwing a backyard BBQ or having a picnic in the park e.g. “Get in on summerlicious

adjective A word used to describe a dish or a food experience that is so summery, it simply cannot be described as anything else. e.g. “Oh yeah, this is one summerlicious dinner spread”

Origin of summerlicious 2017; blend of summer and delicious

If we could sum up summerlicious into a few GIFs, these would be them:

If we could sum up summerlicious into a few foods, these would be them:

Get it? Got it? Good.

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