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Inside the Bag: Antoni Porowski

With our “Inside the Bag” series, you’ll get a sneak peek into the lives of actual Grubhub users. First up is TV personality and restauranteur Antoni Porowski. Get the lowdown on his delivery highlights and top ordering hacks.

Let’s Meet Antoni

So my name is Antoni. I’m on a little show called Queer Eye, which is available on Netflix in 190 countries. I am a restauranteur, cookbook author, actor, TV personality, food lover, and home cook. And today I’m going to show you what’s in my Grubhub delivery bag.

As such a busy person, how do you incorporate Grubhub into your life?

As much as I like to cook at home, it’s just not realistic or sustainable with my crazy schedule these days. So Grubhub is like a best friend that’s there for me on days when I’m either working at home and too busy to go to the grocery store or I’m running home from a 12-hour day and multiple shoots. It’s there to provide me sustenance. Having great food delivered whenever you want it — It’s like the best thing in the world. You can literally have whatever you want brought to your door, what’s not to love.


How does Grubhub make life easier for you?

With Grubhub, all I have to do is imagine whatever it is that I feel like having. And then I go on the app, I look for the food and it gets delivered. To me it’s the greatest luxury and sometimes it’s a necessity because I don’t have time to cook all the time. Sometimes you’re in a meeting and you can’t place [an order], so you order it before the meeting and then you get home and it’s there. And piggybacking on scheduling your order ahead of time, what’s really nice with Grubhub is that you can choose the pickup option. So you can order your food and then you go pick it up and you don’t have to wait in line. You can do that when you’re on your way home from work or travel or a workout class or arriving from anything.

What's In Antoni's Bag?


When I have a really busy day and I’m running around the city and then I’m coming home and I just want food, I need sustenance, but I want to treat myself and keep it chic. I often stick to plant-based, a lot of veggies and maybe some chicken. Mediterranean food is usually my go-to.


Usually when I’m up really early in the morning, I try to get the gym out of the way just so that I can eat whatever I want. But some mornings I don’t have time, so I end up going to the gym in the late afternoon right before I come home. And when I do that, I order from sushi restaurants. I actually place the order halfway through my workout so I have time to finish, rush home, and then when I arrive, my sushi is typically being delivered.


Grubhub is not only there for me during the weekdays, but also arguably the most important day, which is Sunday. It’s the one day of the week that I try not to leave my couch except to get the door and welcome my wonderful Grubhub delivery person who’s bringing me one of my three, maybe four…one time it was five deliveries in one day. Sunday, for a lot of people, is the one day where we don’t actually have to do anything. So it’s all about comfort. Just making yourself feel good. Sometimes feeling good is about healthy options. And sometimes it’s just about feeling good with some really good processed cheese and an egg omelette over a really toasty bagel.

Once, or twice, a year…

I’m about to share a moment of vulnerability. I wouldn’t call it a delivery habit because it literally happens once, maybe twice a year… usually on a very rainy, cold night of the week or if I’ve had a really bad day and I decide to have dessert for dinner. I order a selection of anywhere between three to five desserts from a diner and that is my dinner. I’m going to show you a selection of those right now. 

  • We have a classic New York cheesecake that’s about three feet tall, I think. I don’t have a ruler, but it looks close. 
  • A pecan pie, which has a perfect crust, nice caramelized pecans.
  • Chocolate mousse cake, which has a chocolate crust, chocolate mousse, and then a nice chocolate topping. 
  • An apple crumble with no shortage of crumble.

Order like Antoni.