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Undeniably the Best Dishes of 2019

Throughout 2019, we gave the star treatment to the dishes that our hungry customers couldn’t get enough of. We snapped photos of them, talked about them on the Gram and ate a bunch of them sampled a few. It was a BIG deal. 

We enjoyed every second of it—especially because you were along for the ride. And because we’re suckers for a nostalgic moment, let’s close out the year by recapping our delectable Dish of the Months.

January: Shawarma 

At the beginning of the year, you said “bye” to the pita wrap and “hi” to the shawarma bowl. The Middle Eastern dish is packed with protein, hummus and a variety of veggies—all on top of a tasty grain. Our fave ingredients are lamb, tomatoes, pickled turnips, garlic hummus and a drizzle of tahini on a bed of farro. Give it a try!

February: Chicken Wings

During the month of love, dip-ready chicken wings were your soulmate. You cuddled on the couch, lounged in bed and got a lil’ messy in every corner of your home. No matter if you like ‘em bone-in or boneless, you had a heart-fluttering romance unlike any other. And just between us, we had a thing with Buffalo Wild Wings. We’re still writing about it in our diary. 

March: Sushi

When Mother Nature couldn’t decide on whether to keep it chilly or move into warmer temps, you focused on ordering up a delicacy from the sea—sushi. Maybe you got adventurous with eel. Or maybe you stuck with salmon, the trusted staple. Either way, we’re sure you added soy sauce, wasabi and sliced ginger for a lil’ razzle-dazzle.

April: Burrito Bowls

April showers brought burrito bowls. That’s the saying, right? No? Well, it should be. Everyone’s obsession with burrito bowls blossomed in April. Just thinking about the soft bed of rice, hearty beans, slow-cooked barbacoa, fresh veggies and a dollop of sour cream has us drooling. BRB, going to grab a bowl.  

May: Pad Thai

When summer hit, everyone got noods. Pad thai graced tastebuds with tender rice noodles, juicy meats and all the flavor. And when we say flavor, we’re talking sweet, salty, sour, spicy AND savory. Yeah, pad thai really goes there.

June: Curry 

Just like the Spice Girls, curry spiced up your life. From screaming hot to slightly sweet, the level of spiciness varies so anyone and everyone can enjoy it. Plus, it’s perfect for any occasion. Having a girl’s night? Order curry. Date night with your boo? Grab curry. Crying alone on the couch? Curry is there to comfort you. Happiness guaranteed.

July: Breakfast Sandwiches

The middle of summer was all about waking up to the delicious smell of breakfast sandwiches. After eating one, you were ready to rise n’ grind. There’s just something about melt-in-your-mouth cheese, crispy bacon and fluffy egg cuddled together between a fluffy roll.

August: Poke

When poke showed up on your doorstep, you took your tastebuds on a lil’ tropical vacay to Hawaii. One bite of fresh seafood and you were whisked away to sunny weather, soft sand and the relaxation you definitely deserve. Poke made summer 2019 a time to remember.

September: Salad

Don’t get it twisted. Salads were the star of September. But not your everyday basic salads. Things got a lil’ crazy with peppery arugula, edamame and dried mango slices. And balsamic was on the side because we only get down with crisp, not soggy salads.

October: Mac & Cheese

For spooky season, you settled in for scary movie night with a comforting bowl of mac and cheese. The cheesy goodness drowned out the exaggerated screams from the TV and helped you ignore the weird creaking coming from the other room. Everything’s good with mac and cheese in your lap. It’s a fact.

November: Dumplings 

Dumplings were made for sharing so you obviously ordered ‘em for Friendsgiving. There was something for everyone: soft steamed ones, crunchy fried ones, warm soup-filled ones and even sweet strawberry ones. It was a feast (and we’re a lil’ jealous we weren’t invited).

December: Pho

To wrap up the year, you had some me-time with a bowl of pho. The savory Vietnamese soup—consisting of soft noodles, thinly sliced beef and rich broth—is the perfect combo of relaxing and delicious. And who doesn’t want that after the holiday craziness with extended family?

Ready to leave 2019? Yeah, neither are we. Get delivery and take your tastebuds down memory lane.