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The Undisputed Top Five Pasta Shapes

Remember those days when you were excited to see mac n’ cheese in the shape of your fave cartoon characters at the store? Well, we do. And as we’ve gotten older, our obsession with pasta shapes never really went away. We just upgraded from cartoons to unique shapes that thrill us in different ways.

Well, here are our fave five pasta shapes…

Farfalle (pronounced far-FALL-lay)

Pinkies up for this fancy-looking pasta! In Italian, farfalle means butterflies, but it’s more famously known as bowties. We love this shape because it makes us feel dapper and can be used for tons of dishes, including soups and salads.

Conchiglie (pronounced con-KEEL-yay)

If you’re craving time at the beach and sand between your toes, then this is the one for you. This conch shell-shaped pasta brings the ocean breeze—and that’s just one of the reasons we dig it. It also comes in three different sizes—mini, medium and large—and pairs well with gooey cheese. From mac n’ cheese to ricotta stuffed shells, conchiglie will make your belly happy.

Fusilli (foo-ZEE-lee)

This one is for all the wine lovers out there! The number one reason we can’t get enough of this pasta shape is because it looks like a corkscrew. When rosé and pinot are M.I.A, fusilli is there with all the wine vibes. Plus, all the meat and sauces get caught in the grooves—so every bite is a delicious mouthful.

Orzo (OR-zoh)

When we hear orzo, one word comes to mind… unexpected. Because at first glance, you can’t tell it’s a type of pasta. It looks like rice’s identical twin. It’s different from the norm—which we’re all about. It’s also great cold, which we’re also all about. Hello, pasta salad!

Pappardelle (pa-par-DAY-lay)

When winter hits, that’s when pappardelle comes to the rescue. During the cold season, this ribbon-shaped pasta is very popular. It pairs well with thick hearty sauces and creates dishes that make us feel warm and cozy. 

Ready to dig into all the shapes?