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The New Wave Of Comfort Food

Sure, we all know what comfort food is. It’s warm, delicious, cozy and often times it’s a famous family recipe. But did you know that comfort food isn’t just the American-style mac n cheese or soup? Open your eyes to the new wave of comfort food, where these dishes come from all cultures through various cuisines — plus you can get them delivered.

Saag Paneer

Kicking things off with a hearty Indian dish. Saag paneer is essentially a ton of paneer cheese (think a sponge-like cheddar) mixed with spinach and spices until it becomes a sort of sauce like mixture, with the cubes of paneer cheese as the main focus. If a dish that consists of solid cheese isn’t comfort food, we don’t know what is.

Cheddar Biscuits

Simple but often overlooked, biscuits packed with cheese are a great way to cozy up and embrace the season of comfort food. Traditionally known as a Southern comfort food, add these babies to any dish and feel the coziness take over.

Wonton Soup

If you’re already a dumpling fan, you’re going to want to put wonton soup in your repertoire. Imagine a soup loaded with dumplings, plus some veggies to make things even heartier. Yes, please.

Truffle Mac N Cheese

Yes, we know, mac n cheese is one of the most typical comfort foods there is. But have you tried it with truffles? Adding truffles will take mac n cheese to the next level with a savory and salty truffle flavor you’ll get instantly hooked to.

Matzo Ball Soup

While we all know and love soup as comfort food, matzo ball soup is an important one to call out. Matzo ball soup is an Ashkenazi Jewish recipe where the broth is filled with soup dumpling made from matzah bread meal — and it has been known to cure sickness just like the traditional American chicken noodle.


This Eastern European dumpling is a common comfort food for those in the region. Russia, Poland and more turn to these dumplings for holidays and especially in the winter months. Try them stuffed with potato and cheese, mushroom or meat — then decide if you want them boiled or fried. You can’t go wrong with any of the above.


ATTENTION: These are NOT cheese fries. Poutine is a traditional French-Canadian Québécois dish that consists of yes, french fries and cheese, but the difference is in the nuance of the ingredients. The fries are topped with not just cheese, but cheese curds — and then smothered in gravy to form a melted cheesy french fry heaven. These days you can find variations with plenty of other toppings, all just as delicious. Poutine is a comfort food you should definitely try.

Chicken Parmigiana

In Italian culture, no one else’s chicken parmigiana is as good as moms. Little did you know that a favorite italian delivery dish actually has a deep rooted history in being an Italian comfort food! Order some for a family style meal and don’t forget — more sauce the better.

While every food comforts us, order some of the suggestions above!

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