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The Essential Guide to Ordering Salmon

Looking to kick your delivery order up a notch? Staying health-conscious? A delicious salmon dish might become your new delivery go-to.


While salmon can be called an “oily fish,” those oils are actually good, or “unsaturated,” fats called Omega-3 fatty acids. According to the Cleveland Clinic, Omega-3s can improve your cardiovascular health and reduce inflammation. While you can add Omega-3s to your diet naturally through some vegetables, fish—including salmon—are the best food-based sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon is also rich with vitamin D which helps improve bone health, and is a great lean protein to aid in workout recovery. 


Sure, salmon is healthy, but does it taste good? With its vibrant pink-to-orange color and firm texture, salmon is a flavorful addition to a salad, a fantastic protein for a burger, and scrumptious when smoked on top of a bagel with schmear. But the best way to experience salmon’s rich flavor? That’s for you to decide! See below for some of our favorite ways to eat salmon.


This Japanese delicacy consists of seasoned cold rice with a thinly sliced piece of fish on top. Feeling feisty? Try a spicy salmon roll. Want something trendy? Salmon avocado rolls were 244% more popular in the first half of this year!

Bagel and Lox

There are a few different ways you can prepare that salmon that deliciously tops a bagel with schmear. Smoked salmon has a bit of a smokey flavor and is thinly sliced and super tender. Lox, on the other hand, is salmon that has been cured with salt.

Salmon Burger

Burger lovers, unite! Salmon burgers are a moist and tender alternative to beef patties. Top with a lemon dill sauce and a fresh herb salad and… *chefs’ kiss*

Simply Seared

One of the best preparations of salmon is to order it simply seared. Pick some protein-packed quinoa and tender asparagus on the side to help highlight the natural flavors of the fish.

BBQ Salmon

Salmon is also great grilled! Order it brushed with a bit of tangy BBQ sauce and some potato salad on the side.

Ready to try getting salmon delivered?