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The Essential Guide to Ordering Late Night Delivery

You’ve been trapped in the library studying from morning to night. Sure, you snacked here and there on some stale chips…but inevitably, you’ll feel that hunger pang before you’re en route home.

Looks like it’s time to order some late night eatsWant to be a master at late night delivery? Read on for our pro tips.

Think of future you…pre-order

Future you will thank you for thinking ahead and preordering. You know that final exams start tomorrow and you’ll be pulling an all-nighter with your study group. Make sure a chicken burrito with a side of guac is waiting in the lobby of your dorm at 11 pm. Pro tip: preordering will will also give you a better idea of what restaurants are open late for delivery, so you can settle on the winning dish beforehand.

Throw in an extra tip

Delivery drivers make sure your food gets to you rain or shine…day or night. But, it doesn’t hurt to show them a little extra love when they’re pedaling cold, dark streets with your beloved pepperoni pizza in tow. Why not throw in an extra dollar or two? It’s a small way of saying “thank you for getting my baby here safely.”

Skip the buzzer

If you have roommates (and yes, that includes your significant other), it might be best to make a note for the delivery driver to call you when he’s outside. You might have had a fun night out on the town and came home craving mozzarella sticks…but your roommate doesn’t need to be woken up from a deep sleep. (It’s way better to be gently tapped on the shoulder by the sweet smell of marinara sauce, trust us.)

Go on, overorder

While you’re placing an order for a juicy, late night burger…why not one up yourself and preorder a veggie-packed smoothie or bacon egg and cheese on an everything bagel for the next morning. (Especially if you’re planning on hitting the town after your last exam. Wink.)

Looking for some satisfying late night eats?