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The Essential Guide to Homegating

Sports fans…listen up. Yeah, you over there with the facepaint, aggressively large foam finger and custom jersey. While cheering for your favorite team live is thrilling — watching the game from your couch might be a bit more economical and TBH, convenient.

And whether you’re into football, baseball, hockey or basketball, it’s a solid time to brush up on your homegating techniques. (Yep, that means tailgating at home.) GO, FOOD, WIN! Wait–is that not the cheer? Someone told us that was the cheer.

Gear up for the game with our tips on how to win at homegating…and naturally, these include our go-to ordering techniques.

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Pre-order for the Party

Inviting friends over to watch the game amplifies every one-handed catch, every stolen base and every behind-the-back pass. Have you guys choreographed your own celebratory, game-winning dance? Two, you said? One for home and one for away games? Oh…that’s next level. Hats off.

Anyway…you and your friends should be focused on the action, not on swinging by the supermarket mid-game for some sad, storebrand chips and jarred salsa. Pre-order hours (or even up to four days) before to make sure your food arrives at game time.

Finger Foods FTW:

Real talk, here are the quintessential foods to order for game day: wings…sliders…mozzarella sticks…potato skins…jalapeno poppers…pigs in a blanket…pizza. Looking for healthier alternatives? Try crudités platters, roasted shishito peppers, grilled chicken skewers or summer rolls. Anything you can eat quickly — and with one hand — is optimal for gametime. Food in one hand, remote in the other — the ideal tag team. Tossing bite-sized foods into your mouth also might make you feel ever-the-slightest bit athletic. Pro tip: loved your order so much and your team happened to win? Express reorder all your faves for next time.

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Don’t Forget Drinks:

Soda, beer, wine, organic pressed juices: whatever the libation of preference is…make sure there’s enough to go around for the entire group. Might as well buy in bulk and stock up for next week’s game. (Hint: Grubhub delivers most of these.)

Happy homegating!