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The Essential Guide to Burritos

If you’ve never ordered a burrito before–wait, sorry, we can’t even finish that sentence. HOW HAVE YOU NEVER ORDERED A BURR–ok, clearly we’re too close to this and really just need to take a moment and regroup.

Phew, so let’s get back to the matter at hand: flavor-packed, hunger-quelling burritos. (Fun fact: the bean burrito was our most popular dish of 2018.) So much goes into making this beloved dish, so let us give you the rundown with this guide.

Roll it vs. bowl it

You’ve got the traditional burrito: where all of your mouth-watering ingredients are strategically laid on top of a tortilla that’s then folded over and wrapped up tightly into a one-handed meal. Could you make a mad dash for the train while still taking bites of your perfectly-packed burrito en route? Yep–handy, right?

Then you’ve got the bowl: we’re talking all the same components, but this time, you can say adios to the tortilla. Piled on top of rice or salad, the burrito bowl is for those who want to pull up a seat and dig in with a fork (or spoon).

Pack in the protein

What’s a dish that carnivores and vegetarians can’t get enough of? Burgers–JK burritos, ‘cause that’s clearly what we’re talking about right now. Meat-eaters can pack their burritos with chicken, steak, carnitas or even chorizo while veggie-fans can layer on tofu and beans. (And vegetarians and vegans will really revel in the topping options.)

Don’t skimp on the toppings

This is where a burrito really shines. Mix and match toppings to create your own swoon-worthy, customized burrito.

  • Veggies: roasted corn, shredded lettuce, sauteed peppers and onions and spicy jalapeños will balance out any burrito
  • Dairy: a shredded Monterey Jack or your classic cheddar are burrito go-tos, but crumbled queso fresco is a popular newcomer. And yes, we said “dairy,” so don’t forget a hearty zig zag of sour cream
  • Salsa & guac: from mild pico de gallo to a smoky chipotle, salsa options are aplenty and range from mild to wow-that’s-hot. And clearly, the master of all toppings…the creamy, almighty…guacamole

Chips and dips never quit

Remember that salsa and guac you just put all up in your burrito? Well, those are pretty killer on the side too…with a bag of crisp, salty tortilla chips to help you do the scooping. Another beautiful couple? Chips and queso. A bowl of melted, creamy cheese, you say? We’ll take two.

(Pro tip: looking for a sweet ending? Churros dipped in chocolate are…life changing.)

So, let’s have it–are you ready to join Burrito Nation? We’re not sure if that’s a thing, but it totally should be.

Wrap or’s time to order up burrito.