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The Delivery Votes Are In!

Pant suits and power ties are synonymous with sushi and ravioli, right? According to the Grubhub community, they are. For the first debate, we opened the polls early to see who people on Grubhub were hungriest for.

Who came out on top? After asking the community to enter codes IMWITHHER or IMWITHHIM for their debate night orders, the winner was clear. With orders coming from across red and blue states, 82% made their orders “with her,” with 18% resting their loyalties “with him”.

Who ordered what? Through Grubhub data, we found that if you’re “with her,” you’re more likely to order Indian and Thai cuisines, with a clear emphasis on dishes like saag paneer, raita, vegetable samosas and massaman curry. Those who are “with him” found themselves craving takeout staples like Chinese, American, and Italian cuisine, via dishes like chinese donuts, roasted chicken, and cheese ravioli.

His & Hers Orders With the first ever female presidential candidate in our midst, we took a look at men voting for Hillary and women voting for Trump, just to shake things up. Cheeseburger, buffalo wing and cheesesteak sandwich orders won by a landslide when it came to men who are “with her.” For women who ordered using code IMWITHHIM, sweet & sour chicken, cheeseburgers, and cheese fries came out on top. A note for those remaining neutral — the cheeseburger seems to cross party lines.

Now that you’re armed with the data, you’re ready to place your order for the next two rounds of heated debates. Thanks to all of our community members who were hungry for the win — this might just be the first time food delivery predicts the presidential election.

Order in with Grubhub for the debates.