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The Best Dating App of 2019: Grubhub

Do you know what crippling confusion, agonizing anxiety and soaring happiness have in common? They all come from using dating apps. You never know what to put in your Tinder bio. A million thoughts run through your mind as you swipe right and left. Then, you have a moment of pure joy when you match with a cutie and start picturing the two of you traveling the world together, getting married and raising the Brady Bunch. 

But hold up! Let’s be realistic. The likelihood of all that happening is veeerrry slim. You’d have a better chance vibing with someone who gets the same complicated Just Salad order you do. In fact, our lovely customers think so too.

Check out these tweets

*Pretends to be shocked. 

True love via order history?! Brilliant!

You paid him, but it still counts. 

Say it louder for the people in the back. 

That’s what we call growth. 

All jokes aside, here are some tips on how the Grubhub app can help your dating life. 


Make it rain

With Perks, you can spend less on that late-night tapioca pudding craving and more on a good first impression.

Show off your “cooking skills”

Use reorder to quickly order something that you and your date will love and tell ‘em that you spent hours preparing the perfect meal.

Be brave

Order dinner for pickup at your go-to place, spot a cutie while you’re there, then say “hi.” Haven’t you heard that good things happen to those who make the first move?

Work on yourself

Show yourself some love and have more me-time. Just you and the boo who’s always there for you and never complains—food. Someone will come along eventually. Or not. Who cares. You have Grubhub.

Want to see how a Grubhub dating app would play out?