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Sweater Weather Calls for Layers…of Food

Brr…it’s getting chilly outside. Time to dress — and eat — in layers. Huh? Yeah, we said it. Layered foods are here to keep you cozy and satiated when the temps start to drop. Plus, circling back to that whole “it’s cold outside” thing, you can let Grubhub bring these right to your door.

From filling main courses to sweet desserts, layered dishes combine perfectly balanced flavors and textures and repeat them because…oh, right, they’re pretty delicious.

Read on to learn more about our favorite layered dishes. We’ve broken them down by breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert, so you can plan your day accordingly.

BREAKFAST: Parfait or BEC Sandwich

Breakfast, Parfait

In a perfectly crafted parfait, you’ll find a crunchy topping of granola, with multiple layers of yogurt, fruit and honey throughout. The combination of protein and nutrients will power you through the day.

Breakfast Sandwich

For a heartier start to your morning, a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich — preferably on a flavor-packed everything bagel — combines one layer after another of your favorite breakfast foods.

LUNCH: Nachos or BLT Club

Nachos, Mexican

Sometimes there’s so many layers, you can’t even notice the actual nachos that this dish is named for. From a melted cheese base to chicken, sour cream, jalapenos, lettuce, tomato and maybe even guacamole piled on top…nachos take the layer game to the next level.

BLT Club

A BLT club starts with a slice of bread, slathered with mayo and completed with heaping layers of bacon, lettuce and tomato. The good thing about this sandwich is that it doesn’t stop there…it’s usually a double decker that also pairs well with an added layer of grilled chicken or turkey.

DINNER: Lasagna or Moussaka

This quintessential, baked Italian dish features layer on layer of long, wide pasta, with a chunky meat sauce and ricotta cheese alternating from top to bottom. (For the meat-free, this can easily be amended with marinara sauce.)

Feel like you’re experiencing déjà vu? Well, not exactly. This Greek specialty replaces pasta for potato, but keeps on with the meat sauce throughout. (There’s also a vegetarian, eggplant-based version.)

DESSERT: Rainbow Cookies or Baklava

Rainbow Cookies, Italian Cookies

Also known as seven-layer cookies, these multi-colored Italian baked goods boast a thin layer of dark chocolate on each end. The interior is mixed and matched with almond-based colored stripes and a raspberry or apricot jam in between.

Almost as sweet as it comes, baklava is a traditional Mediterranean dessert stacked with layers of thin, flaky filo dough and diced nuts, held together by gooey honey.

Get ready to layer up!