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A Q&A with Sweet Rose Creamery in LA

We tapped Margot Bloch, the head of operations over at Sweet Rose Creamery in LA, to give us the inside scoop on ice cream delivery (pun very much intended). We asked everything from favorite flavors to how the heck you get ice cream delivered to your door without it melting. Read on to see the answers!

GH: Give us the inside scoop on how Sweet Rose Creamery started.

SRC: SRC got started back in 2010 with our shop at the Brentwood Country Mart. Chef Shiho had been baking in San Francisco with Zoe Nathan (one of the owners at the wine bar and seasonal kitchen, Rustic Canyon) and came down to help Zoe open up Huckleberry Bakery & Cafe. From there they started brainstorming on a small batch ice cream concept and Sweet Rose was born!

GH: Let's play the flavor game - what's the most popular, your personal favorite, and the most unique flavor?

Most Popular: fresh mint chip, salted caramel, and cookies and cream
Margot’s Pick: old fashioned vanilla — it goes with anything!
Most Unique Flavor: rose geranium with raspberry ripple or sweet potato swirl with salty sesame brittle drools

GH: What exactly does 'small batch' mean, when it comes to your process?

SRC: We make everything from scratch (we actually pasteurize on-site as a licensed dairy!) so we like to do things in small batches to maintain control over the quality of our product. We typically produce ice cream in batches of 15 liters which amounts to about 120 scoops at a time.

GH: Describe the perfect ice cream delivery order.

SRC: I’d have to say the ice cream sundae pack. It comes with a pint of ice cream, a topping bag and a jar of hot fudge. You get to choose the ice cream flavor & the topping and then build your own sundae at home!

GH: Ice cream delivery seems daunting- how do you ensure it gets delivered safely and not melted?

SRC: Keeping things cold is a big deal for us. We limit our delivery radius from each of the shops to ensure it won’t be in the car for too long. Nobody wants to receive melted ice cream!

GH: How do you construct the perfect ice-cream sandwich?

SRC: It’s all about the ratio of ice cream to cookie — you never want to be out of balance. The type of cookie matters a lot, too — you want to make sure the cookie is strong enough to hold up to the ice cream as you take a bite!

GH: What's the deal with savory ice cream - any strong feelings about matcha, pistachio, or cayenne kinds of flavors?

SRC: We love savory ice cream. You may notice that none of our ice cream is super sweet. That’s because we like to enjoy the flavor of each individual ice cream and not feel like we’re just eating sugar. We love our matcha & pistachio ice cream and we currently have a sweet potato with salty sesame brittle that’s delicious.

GH: To sundae or not to sundae?

SRC: Always! There is nothing quite like homemade hot fudge and whipped cream to complement any scoop. It makes us feel like a kid again. (You can order these for delivery too!)

GH: If you've never tried Sweet Rose Creamery before, what would you suggest is the first thing you should try?

SRC: We would suggest the fresh mint chip or the salted caramel. Everyone does these flavors but we love our take on these classics. We steep spearmint leaves in the milk & cream to really give you the sensation of fresh mint and we make our own caramel sauce so you get a nice roasted flavor.

Craving ice cream now? Us too. Check out the Sweet Rose Creamery menu here.