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Pumpkin Is Here and Sneaking into All of Your Favorite Foods

We’d like to honor the orange beacon which signals to us that fall is undoubtedly upon us. Join us, fellow lovers of changing leaves, flannel shirts and cool breezes.

Pumpkin pie has been around since well, the Pilgrims. (True story, a version of pumpkin pie was made back as early as the mid-1600s.) It’s a beloved staple of fall, and rightfully so. But, lately we’ve been noticing that pumpkin is finding its way into all of our favorite foods. This orange squash is so subtle in some dishes that you might miss it…and in other plates it steals the show.

Might as well gear up for Halloween weekend and order in something pumpkiny, right? Take a look below to find out what classic dishes you can find pumpkin making its way into in these days.

Ravioli, Pumpkin Ravioli


Raviolis, gnocchi and even macaroni and cheese are getting the fall treatment with pumpkin fillings and toppings.


It’s never too cold for ice cream or gelato…and adding pumpkin to the fall list of flavors isn’t off limits either.

Pumpkin, Soup


Gone are the days when orange soups were either butternut squash or carrot. But, we’ll levelset with you, pumpkin soup is warm, creamy and a welcomed fall menu addition.


Your favorite treat-yo-self breakfast slathered in syrup is now — you guessed it — full…of… pumpkin.

Latte, Pumpkin Spice


Fine, pumpkin spice lattes have been around for a while…but now they’re at practically every coffee shop this side of Halloweentown. Too much or never enough?


Bread and pie? That’s a given. Muffins? OK, branching out. Doughnuts? Now we’re going rogue. Nearly any baked good you can think of will be infused with pumpkin in autumn. (Mhm, cookies too.)

Ready to order your favorite pumpkin-filled dishes?