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Inside the Bag: SHAED

Find out what the chart-topping band orders on tour.

With our “Inside the Bag” series, you’ll get a sneak peek into the lives of actual Grubhub users. This time, we sat down with lead vocalist Chelsea Lee and instrumentalists Max and Spencer Ernst, of the band, SHAED. Get the lowdown on their delivery highlights and top ordering hacks.

Let’s Meet SHAED

This DC-based pop trio rose to the top of Billboard’s Emerging Artists list after the success of their hit song, “Trampoline.” Along their busy tour route, the group made a pit stop at Houston’s Avant Garden for an intimate house party. The one thing they can’t live without? Shake Shack milkshakes. Learn more about their tour must-haves and order like SHAED. 

How does Grubhub make your life easier on tour?

Chelsea: If we have a long drive or a show where we’re getting back to our hotel at midnight and we’re starving because we didn’t get to eat, the ability to get on a phone and order is amazing. We have such a variety of options and that [Grubhub] can just show up at the hotel and we don’t even have to move a muscle is an amazing, amazing thing.

Do you look up delivery restaurants along the tour route?

Chelsea: One billion percent. We love food. The tour is not centered around music and shows it is centered around food. We are always looking at places. We’re always looking at reviews. We decide in the morning what we’re going to eat throughout the day, which is pretty hilarious. We’ll be like, what do you want for lunch, dinner?

Spencer: We get in the van and Chelsea’s like, alright guys, this is where we’re going.

Chelsea: We cook when we’re home, but on the road, we let it all go. 

What’s in SHAED’s bag?

Ordering at Home

Chelsea: We ordered Indian food the other day, which was amazing from a new place. It’s right around the corner from us. We’re never home, so it’s really nice to see [what’s out there]. We went on Grubhub and I was like, “What can we get?” There’s all these different options and Indian food was the best.


Spencer: It was delicious.

Eating on the Road

Chelsea: I think our favorite is Italian and Mexican. We love pasta and bread and we love enchiladas.

What delivery habits of yours do you think would most surprise your audience?

Chelsea: For some reason we’ve been on a dessert kick, so we’ve been ordering milkshakes to the house which has been hilarious. I didn’t realize that you could order a dessert. I like vanilla. 

Max: I like chocolate better. Chocolate on chocolate. 

Do you eat together all the time?

Chelsea: I feel like we eat every single meal together and I will like round everyone up and we will sit at the table and I try to tell them, I’m like, no phones, we’re just going to eat because we have such a hectic and crazy day. It’s nice to just kind of decompress and eat good food and talk about stuff.


Spencer: We each have different jobs. I’ll set, I’ll set the table.


Chelsea: You [Max] do the water. And I’m in charge of ordering the food. 


Max: She gets the food but then we do the dishes.


Do you live to eat or eat to live?

Chelsea: Live to eat. That is my one goal in life is just to eat as much as I can. Food is an amazing thing. We live to eat. I live to eat.

Ready to eat like SHAED?