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If You Love Bacon…Today is Your Day

Bacon lovers of the world, unite! Eh…actually, that sounds pretty difficult (logistically speaking), so how about we just eat bacon in our respective homes and celebrate the glory that is today — National Bacon Lover’s Day.

Bacon can be the star of a meal or a crispy addition that elevates virtually any dish. Whether you’re old school and only have eyes for pork bacon or live a meat-free lifestyle and dig it seitan style, order the bacon that suits you.

Let’s drool together as we look at some of the ways (because really, there’s millions) you can eat bacon for #BLD: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Watch the sunrise with...SOME BACON.

Snag a classic bacon egg and cheese to start your morning off right.
It’s also a well-known fact that bacon tastes better when drenched in the syrup of the stack of pancakes piled next to it.

Spruce up your salad or sandwich with...MORE BACON.

Yes, you can get a salad with bacon on it...and yes, you should get it now.
Savor the perfect bacon-packed sandwich for lunch. (Fine, lettuce and tomato can tag along too.)

Sit down with a meal that includes...ALL THE BACON.

Go on, invite that bacon-wrapped steak over for dinner tonight.
They don’t call it a loaded baked potato for’s got cheese, chives and bacon on it. Pairs quite well with steak--hmm, coincidence?

Bacon, we hope this isn’t too forward and you probably already know it...but, we love you. Will you accept this rose?

Love Bacon?