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How to Order Açaí Bowls Like a Pro

Before we get started, we need to know. Are you staring at the word “açaí” and racking your brain wondering: “but really, how do you pronounce that?” Fair question, if you’ve never tried this delicious, antioxidant-packed dish. It’s ah-sigh-ee. And while we’re at it–what is it? It’s a Brazilian superfood, that is often turned into a frozen puree, which is in turn made into smoothies and–you guessed it–bowls.

A delicious-yet-Instagram-worthy breakfast, the açaí bowl will shake up your mundane morning routine. Before you dig in, here’s how to order up the perfect açaí bowl.

Mix it in

From maca root powder–which is high in Vitamin C and fiber–to chia seeds–which are chock full of protein and omega-3s…take a gander at the healthy add ons you can have mixed in to your bowl.

Load up on berries

Pick a berry, any berry. Literally, just pick all of the berries. Sliced blueberries, strawberries, raspberries or even blackberries are the perfect addition to up the antioxidant and fruity factor.

Get crunchy

Since the açaí blend that creates the base of the bowl has more of a smoothie-like consistency, varying your toppings is crucial to creating the ideal texture. Don’t forget to add some crunchy granola clusters for more fiber and better balanced bites.

Add a little something sweet

Coconut flakes, cacao nibs, or a drizzle of honey will give your bowl just the slightest hint of sweetness that you can still feel good about.

Time to take back breakfast (or lunch) with an açaí bowl?