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How To Eat Like You’re At SXSW

Having some SXSW FOMO? Us too. While the bustling festival takes over the food-centric city of Austin, we’re offering you the chance to sit back, relax, and order foods that all of the attendees will be eating, but from the comfort of your own home. Get these Austin go-tos delivered by Grubhub.

While SXSW aims to Keep Austin Weird, so does their taste in burgers. Sure you’ll find traditional burgers at SXSW, but the prize winners are those that incorporate things like beet jelly, pickled jalapenos, and super secret aioli recipes. Order up a burger near you.

Sure, TexMex has its time and place, but if you’re really trying to eat like a SXSW-goer, you’re going to want to be order corn tortillas and expertly roasted meat. The likelihood of any beans or rice is low — just the salsas and the meats to make a taco come to life. Find tacos near you.

In a sandwich, dipped in sauce, or just plain, fried chicken has been perfected by main regions in the south. Austin has made a name for itself with countless variations of the classic, which you can order right to your house. Find fried chicken near you.

You can’t knock a classic. There is endless supply of creative and delicious barbecue at SXSW, and this is the one reason we might have a little bit of FOMO. But have no fear. Gurbhub has just as endless of a selection of BBQ favorites. Find ribs, wings, and more near you.

Order like you’re partying it up in Austin.

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