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How to Ace College Midterms with Delivery

It feels like school just started yesterday, yet somehow midterms are right around the corner. Namaste…just remember: it means you’re that much closer to winter break.

Whether you have been prepping since day one or like to leave studying until the last minute: don’t forget to fuel up on the good eats. And yes, we have some suggestions on what superfoods you can order to help power you through those all-night study sessions.

Crudites, Carrots, Celery


A little crudités, anyone? Carrots are full of vitamin A — which plays a role in beefing up your eyesight — and vitamin C, which you probably know, helps boost immunity. This crunchy snack will help keep your immune system in top shape, so you don’t get worn down while your brain’s in overdrive. And if you’re a nervous studier…carrots also contain potassium and fiber, which aid in protecting you against high blood pressure. Sure, eating carrots solo might seem a bit weird, so order them alongside a bowl of hummus or tzatziki for a dunkable, crunchy snack.


Grilled, seared or raw salmon should be on the dinner roster before, during and after midterms. It might sound odd, but salmon is a “fatty fish.” That means plenty of omega-3 fatty acids are present — helping to form nerve and brain cells. Salmon = a sharper memory. Burgers are always solid study eats, so why not swap the traditional patty for a salmon patty.

Turmeric, Turmeric Latte


This recognizable yellow powder is full of curcumin — known for improving various brain functions, including brain cell growth and memory. Where can you find turmeric? Try an Instaworthy golden latte or even a curry dish. (Hint: topping your curry off with some black pepper will help your body absorb the curcumin better.)

Kale, Kale Salad, Kale Caesar Salad, Caesar Salad


This vegetable isn’t just trendy…it’s pretty awesome in terms of health benefits too. Remember when we mentioned omega-3s and vitamins A and C before? Kale has ‘em all. Kale caesar salad? Kale chips? Sauteed kale? Order it all. Your brain will thank you.

Coffee, Coffees, Lattes


Ok, technically, this guy isn’t a superfood…but there is a reason most people kick off their day — or study session — with a cup of joe. That feeling of alertness, yeah, that’s from the caffeine. It actually blocks a certain sleep-inducing chemical in your brain. Coffee is also known to improve your concentration which…you’ll definitely need mid-studying. Order a bunch of coffees to share and you’re guaranteed to be the hero of your study group.

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