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How Cheeseburger Baby Keeps It Classic

The iconic, female-owned Miami restaurant has weathered a number of storms. But none like COVID-19.

Stephanie Vitori is the owner of Cheeseburger Baby, the oldest and only female-owned burger joint on South Beach, Miami. Vitori started out as a delivery driver in 2001 and bought the restaurant in 2004. She’s since expanded her territory, spreading her classic burgers via two food trucks, making her, and her burgers, a Miami staple. 


With her restaurant on South Beach, Vitori has weathered a number of literal and metaphoric storms. “We’ve been through a couple of hurricanes, there’s been Zika, we went through the recession,” she shared. “Multiple franchise burger joints with deep pockets [have popped up] on the same block as me. COVID is a different kind of storm. It’s something that’s lasted longer than expected.” While she’s stayed open as an essential business, Vitori has taken a number of steps to ensure customer safety and satisfaction. “On top of us washing our hands, we take our temperatures every day, we sanitize everything, and we obviously wear masks and face shields.”

Cheeseburger Baby has been a part of the vibrant South Beach community for the better part of two decades, and Vitori felt it was important to give back when her community needed it most. “We’ve been feeding first responders. Everyone from code compliance [officers] to 911 operators to hospital workers, to nurses at the correctional facilities, police departments, and the fire department,”she shared. “Miami as a community really came together. I think people realize how much restaurants mean to their community and I really hope that people take a different look at us now.”


One thing that hasn’t changed for Cheeseburger Baby is the food. “Hamburgers make people happy,” Vitori shared. “We just keep it classic. Simple makes it taste good, period.” The ingredients at Cheeseburger Baby are fresh, the bread is delivered daily from a local bakery, the meat is hand-pattied and the vegetables are cut every morning. “We want you to feel the comfort that you have in our restaurant at home.”


Vitori shared one pro-tip for ordering her burgers on Grubhub. “I always recommend getting the lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle on the side because it’s crisper and when you get it there.” She also recommends putting the burger in the broiler for a minute or two before assembling your burger on your own. The shop’s top order is the Baby’s Favorite, which is the Apple smoked bacon cheddar cheeseburger with a fried egg. Vitori recommends getting that with the jalapeno cheese fries or the bacon cheddar fries. One more pro-tip? Order a side of beer-battered onion rings and pop one on top of that burger. Genius! “It’s go big or go home at Cheeseburger Baby, you know?”


Cheeseburgers are a classic comfort food, so it’s no surprise that cheeseburger sliders were 158% more popular during quarantine months when compared to the previous year.* Craving some comforting cheeseburgers of your own? In Miami, check out Cheeseburger Baby. Anywhere else, find cheeseburger delivery near you. 

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*Methodology: Grubhub took a look at both order trends and search trends on its platform in the respective categories from March 18 – June 18, 2020, compared to the same timespan in 2019 to find the top items in popularity.