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Hot or Cold? What to Eat Depending on the Indecisive September Weather

Ah, September…you tricky, tricky month. You’re either a blissful continuation of summer, serving up 80 degree beach days or a bullet train into fall, with crisp, flannel-and-quilted-vest weather. Do we go swimming or apple picking? HELP.

Since it’s a toss up on where the mercury will rise to on the thermometer this month, we’ve curated a list of dishes to eat depending on your cravings and the temps outside.


If it’s hot outside: Try a caprese salad with chunks of mozzarella and tomatoes, topped off with some basil and a dash of balsamic. Freshhhh.

If it’s cold outside: Go for a crunchy, gooey grilled cheese. (Extra chilly? Add a side of tomato soup.)


If it’s hot outside: Give the classic spicy beef tacos a try…or pretty much order any other taco — AKA summer on a tortilla — and put in a special request for jalapenos and hot sauce on the side. Fire emoji.

If it’s cold outside: Order a fiery Indian dish…curries and vindaloos packed with chili pepper will do the trick.


If it’s hot outside: Hello, orzo salad. Tossed with a variety of veggies and a light dressing, it feels like backyard BBQ season never stopped.

If it’s cold outside: Lean in to hearty, creamy pastas like carbonara or alfredo to warm right up. And don’t skimp on the grated cheese. (Will that make you warmer? Probably not…but, do it anyway.)


If it’s hot outside: Obviously, go with a classic…ice cream never disappoints. (Froyo, gelato and sorbet are also worthy alternatives.) Go wild with the toppings — sprinkles, gummy bears, you name it.

If it’s cold outside: Head for the fall favorite…apple pie. Make sure to pop it in the microwave for about 30 seconds just to warm it up before eating. (PS: If the weather could go either way, take that scoop of ice cream we mention above and place it right on top.)

Hot or cold...we got you covered.