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Hot, New Restaurants Added to Grubhub in October

Like you, we’re absolutely obsessed with new restaurants. We fully admit to being “those people” who are constantly getting food delivered from trendy places that pop up out of nowhere. To keep track of the latest spots, we’ve pulled together a nifty lil’ list of new restaurants recently added to Grubhub.

Pho Xe Lua  (Philadelphia) 

Fresh ingredients, huge portions and an authentic taste. That’s what Philly’s Pho Xe Lua is all about. For those cozy nights in, order a large (or extra-large) bowl of mouthwatering pho with tender beef, pork or chicken and we guarantee your belly will be outlandishly happy. Don’t forget to grab one of their Jack Fruit or Avocado smoothies. And add chewy tapioca balls to it for a lil’ razzle-dazzle.  

Hooligans (Atlanta) 

Located in the Roswell suburb of Atlanta, Hooligan’s never disappoints. Not only are they servin’ up their award-winning wings in a sauce of your choice (we’re really into the tequila lime sauce), but they also make a mean chicken parm. And if one of your family members is on a health kick, Hooligan’s has the goods. All kinds of salads are on the menu, including the Mango Avocado Arugula Salad and the Blackened Steak Salad. They have everything you need for a rowdy Football Sunday—right on your couch.

Oren’s Hummus (San Francisco) 

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Although Silicon Valley is known for being the tech hub of the world, the hummus from Oren’s is the real reason people gravitate towards the southern part of the Bay Area. Owner’s Oren and Nancy Dobronsky wanted to bring an authentic Israeli restaurant to the area and that’s exactly what they did. Their fluffy pita and creamy hummus will have you licking every inch of the bowl. That’s reason enough to get it delivered.

Fifty Licks (Portland) 

Ice cream is always a genius idea, no matter the weather. Portland’s Fifty Licks is the baby of food science-obsessed owner Chad Draizin. After falling head over heels for the misty rain of Portland, but none of the ice cream places, Draizin created an ice cream spot with exotic flavors. Who’s down to try Soy Sauce Caramel or Thai Rice? Nevermind. We’ll get both. 

Perfectly crunchy bread and the right amount of melt-in-your-mouth cheese is what we think about when someone brings up Dallas Grilled Cheese Co in the Bishop Arts District. There’s also some drooling that happens but we won’t get into that. We need to talk about how Dallas Grilled Cheese Co’s love of experimentation has helped them create some out-of-this-world sandwiches, like the Manwich®-inspired The Dude and the crowd-pleasing Cubanesque. Honestly, your Mom’s homemade sandwich doesn’t stand a chance against these beauties. 

Ready to explore some hot, new restaurants?