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Grubhub’s Movie “Slice” Delivers!

A mouthwatering inspiration of classic horror films, Slice delivers the perfect bite of Halloween sizzle. The story follows a young couple scared in for a night out after their neighborhood is overrun by a chaotic and concerning crowd. While waiting for his girlfriend to arrive, our protagonist starts to realize that the shady figures on the outside may be finding their way in.

Slice premieres to an exclusive audience this Saturday at midnight. Order a pizza on Grubhub to get your ticket to at-home premiere.

“A sizzling tale.” —Rotten Pepperoni Reports

“Not for the lactose intolerant.” —Wisconsin Times

“Intense, terrifying, sauce splattering.” —Mark’s Pizza

“Dough not miss this movie. It’s upper crust to say the least.” —Takeout Times

“Made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, and my gluten allergy tingle.” —Henry from accounting

Order any pizza on Grubhub this week and get a link to the midnight showing of Slice!

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