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Five Foods from Famous Tour Riders

As if the fame and fortune of being a rockstar wasn’t enough of a perk, musicians get to prepare a list of food and drink requests, known as a rider, for each stop on their tour. What does Britney chow down on before a show? What does Queen B snack on before singing? Find out what fuels famous artists before they hit the stage.

  1. There’s nothing fishy about the show that Britney Spears puts on night after night. Why is that? Well, we’ve heard fish and chips keeps her stronger than yesterday.

  2. Woo Ha! It’s been said that exactly 24 pieces of fried chicken gets Busta Rhymes ready to perform.

  3. Reportedly, kielbasa keeps The Foo Fighters fighting off hunger so they can give their best to you.

  4. That’s not a rumor you’ve been herring, Van Halen kicks back with herring in sour cream before making the crown go ahead and jump.

  5. Queen B is always in season, which might be why we hear she craves heavily seasoned chicken and veggies before she shows her fans who runs the world.

Want to eat like a rock star?