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For or Against? Settling the Great Pineapple Pizza Debate

A few weeks back, we posted a tweet in jest that said “pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza.” With passionate pineapple lovers across the country swiftly coming to the sweet fruit’s defense on social media — we decided to take a poll to settle the debate.

And yet…it was almost too close to call. On our Instagram poll, we found that 51% of the Grubhub community thinks pineapple should stay in fruit salads and 49% said put it all over my pie. Our Twitter followers were a bit more adamant about pizza being a strict “no pineapple zone,” voting 56% to 44% opposing the fruit.

Whether for or against this tropical fruit, you’ll enjoy these tweets about your fellow eaters’ pizza preferences.

Our thought-provoking tweet

Group #1: We must defend the pineapple’s honor!

This person was so offended that they may have reported us to Twitter. Fortunately, we don’t think taking a hard stance on pineapple pizza can get you banned from Twitter. (Can it? Asking for a friend.)

Others thought we must’ve been drinkin’ and tweetin’. During work hours? NEVER!

One person repurposed our original tweet and used it against us…touché.

Some just told us we were straight up wrong. We applaud you for your straight-shootin’.

Other individuals stated the facts…pineapples on pizza. ALWAYS AND FOREVER.

One comment had us looking up local boxing classes, just in case we were thrown into fisticuffs.

Group #2: Fruit on my pizza? Yeah, that’s criminal.

133 green-faced emojis from one person…the disdain runs deep.

This lovely individual came to our aid. Not all heroes wear capes.

Others were simple and to the point. Not feelin’ the pineapple either.

Some think it’s a super weird flavor combo, and we totally agree. Wait, what? Who said that?

This last person thinks that pineapple on pizza is downright reprehensible.

Any way you slice it -- with or without fruit -- pizza will always be delicious.

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